Maple Public School District is just a short drive west of El Reno in the heart of Canadian County. This rolling countryside nurtures a wholesome environment for students and their families seeking the simplicity of academic excellence. We offer a comprehensive scholastic program for students ranging from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Maple has developed a wide variety of academic, enrichment, and extracurricular programs to meet the needs of our students. We know what we do works; our school report card looks great!

We emphasize scholastic excellence, higher order thinking, technological interaction, cooperative learning, parental involvement, and high expectations for personal achievement through esteem-building events and activities. Maple promotes cutting-edge performance in a globally competitive society. All activities spring from the basic building components of education.

Our goal is simple. We seek to provide the best education possible for your children. Serving you and your family is an opportunity we welcome.

Shana Thiel